Ocean Beach antique store closing on Sunday will be replaced by Target

OCEAN BEACH (KUSI) — They fought a battle for the ages. The little guy versus the corporate giant. Unlike the tales of David and Goliath, the little guy did not win.

“Welcome to gentrification 2018,” said Jimmy Robinson of Ocean Beach. “The California dream has been gobbled up by corporate greed.”

Ocean Beach is one of the last bastions of California Hippy culture, a place where tie-dye shirts and hula hoops are still a part of the landscape. Corporate giants are not welcome.

“This is a very unique town,” said Jennevive Wallace. “There is a lot of emotion.”

The Antique Center is a collection of 120 artists and collectors. They occupy the biggest storefront in Ocean Beach, 18,000 square feet.

“The owners have had enough, they want to retire and get a life,” Wallace said.

Problem is, they couldn’t find a buyer. No one was willing to fork up $6 million. So, Target made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. A long-term lease that satisfies the owners, but not all the locals.

“That’s disappointing. It’s alright to move along, but we don’t need another Target, We do not need another Target,” said Jack Wallace. The nearest target store is less than two miles away.

Despite the disappointment, Sunday is the last day for the Antique Center. Construction workers will start gutting the place the following weekend. Target will be opening soon.

But the hardcore opponents are not giving up. The final play, a boycott. It’s the only play left.

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