Ocean Beach celebrates victory over condo developers

It could be the most laid-back beach town in San Diego County, and the people there want to keep it that way. Wednesday night, a lot of people in Ocean Beach are rejoicing over a victory against big time developers. While most places are planning for the future, Ocean Beach is one place that likes living in the past.

“We’re not La Jolla. We’re OB, brother!” Exclaimed OB local.

Welcome to the land of the peace signs, the tie-died t-shirts and funky old beach cottages – a place where change doesn’t happen without a fight. And San Diego City Council heard the message OB locals were unwelcome to change loud and clear: they voted unanimously to keep OB just the way it is. Developers will have to look somewhere else to build the massive condominium complexes.

“I’m happy the council made the right decision,” said Scott Therkalsen of the OB Planning Commission.

And that decision means the funky old cottages will remain part of the ocean front, even though some consider them an eye sore.

“We got a lot of old buildings that probably need to be refurnished and it wouldn’t hurt. We have to progress; you can’t just let things deteriorate,” said OB local Gary Bond.

But if they come down, what will go up? Maintaining the character of the beach town is important to almost everyone.

“A lot of these new buildings are just flat-sided with no character.”

One new set of condos went up right next to the lifeguard tower. A lot of people fought against them, bur the developer won the battle. Now, the council has made it much tougher for a repeat performance.

“When this new plan, the same regulations that have been in place for 30 years that have led to what the town looks like today will continue for the next 30 years and hopefully beyond,” continued Therkalsen.

So, if you’re planning a trip to OB in the near future, feel free to enjoy the past.

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