Oceanside City Councilman (R) Chris Rodriguez: Radical left-wing policies are terrorizing our communities

OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – Republican Oceanside City Councilman, and candidate for the 49th Congressional District, Chris Rodriguez, is speaking out against “radical left-wing” policies that are “terrorizing the communities we call home.”

Rodriguez wrote an op-ed (below), detailing his opposition to what KUSI’s Paul Rudy described as soft-on-crime policies that we see across the nation, mainly in Democrat run states like California.

Specifically, Rodriguez pointed to the mass looting and theft that we are seeing, with the criminal showing no regard for being held accountable. Rodriguez is voicing his opposition to stop this new phenomenon from occurring here in San Diego County.

Rodriguez’s op-ed reads went on to say liberal District Attorneys are downgrading the charges these criminals face, which is leading to even more crime.

To prevent this from continuing to happen, Rodriguez has announced his candidacy for the 49th Congressional District, where he is campaigning to replace Democrat Mike Levin.

Rodriguez discussed his op-ed and his campaign in more detail with KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego.

Rodriguez’s complete op-ed is below:

Chris Rodriguez op-ed on Crime
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