Oceanside Councilmember Chris Rodriguez on unanimous opposition to Firearms Licensing and Registration Act

OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – Oceanside Councilmember Christopher Rodriguez is speaking out in opposition to HR 127, also known as the Sabika Sheikh Firearms Licensing and Registration Act.

Plus, the Oceanside City Council recently voted in support of the Second Amendment, unanimously voting against HR 127.

Rodriguez and the Oceanside City Council sent an letter to Congressman Mike Levin’s office​ explaining their position, and they want Oceanside residents to do the same.

This Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act establishes a stricter process for the licensing and registration of firearms. The legislation also prohibits the possession of certain ammunition and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices.

Rodriguez joined KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego to detail his opposition to the bill, and urge people to write Congressman Mike Levin to tell him to vote ‘No.’

***When this interview originally aired on KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego, we incorrectly stated Rep. Mike Levin authored the legislation. Levin did not author, nor did he even co-sponsor it. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

City Councilman Rodriguez says people can use this sample letter as an example of what to send their Congressmember:

Dear Congress Member ______,

The City of ____ writes to express an Oppose position on HR 127, which was introduced to the House of Representatives on January 4, 2021. HR 127 requires licensing of firearms and ammunition, the registration of all firearms, and prohibits possession of certain ammunition. Not only does HR 127 invade privacy, it also disproportionately affects lower income households and puts up excessive blockers for Americans to exercise their rights.

Under the proposed Firearms Registration System, the owner of any firearm must transmit to the ATF the make, model, and serial number of each firearm, the identity of the owner, the date the firearm was acquired, and where the firearm will be stored. The Attorney General of the U.S. will establish and maintain a database of all firearms, and the contents will be accessible to all members of the public, all federal, state, and local law enforcement, all branches of the military, and all state and local government.

To obtain a license to possess any firearm and ammunition, an individual must be 21, undergo a criminal background check, undergo a physical evaluation, successfully complete a 24-hour training course, and prove that an insurance policy had been purchased annually at the cost of $800. The psychological evaluation must be conducted by a psychologist approved by the Attorney General and would include evaluation of other members of the household in which the individual resides.

This unconstitutional attempt to infringe on the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution will do nothing but further divide our already divided country. As seen time and time again, here in California and across the United States, gun control measures truly only restrain law abiding citizens and give criminals, who have no regard for the sanctity of law anyway, more abilities to prey upon the constitutionally protected, gun-owning Americans. For these reasons, the City of ________ opposes HR 127.



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