Oceanside gym owner arrested for violating County Public Health Order

OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – The owner of MetroFlex Gym in Oceanside says he doesn’t care if he gets arrested again. Lou Uridel says he is more concerned with the members of his gym. That’s why he is now talking to lawyers.

On Sunday, Oceanside Police arrested Uridel and cited him for reopening his gym Friday.

“They decided to come and arrest me and shut us down. They did threaten if we reopen that they would arrest every single member in the gym who is working out and cite them with the same citations,” said Lou Uridel, owner of the gym since 2017.

According to county and state mandated orders, most gyms are among businesses that are not allowed to open until stage three of the COVID-19 reopening phase.

Uridel is not alone in believing he should have the right to open his gym.

“There is a disconnect in my opinion all businesses are essential.  A lot of veterans use this gym and without the gym you’re not relieving stress a lot of these veterans have been to combat they need this environment,” said Christopher Rodriguez, an Oceanside city councilmen.

Rodriguez issued an open letter to the community over the weekend encouraging all businesses to open including nonessential ones.

“I wrote a letter from the conviction of my heart and all those who share in that same conviction… if there are consequences I will be right there with them the entire way,” said Rodriguez.

What’s the next step for Metroflex Gym?

“My number one priority to do this was for my members and for my community and to keep my business open and running so I can feed my family but the last thing I want 20 or 25 members get hauled off, all getting arrested.  A lot of our members are marines and if you’re familiar with the service records, if they have criminal offenses against them, that can be detrimental to their career. We are going to have a rally on Wednesday here at noon. Celebrity fitness people will be there  and other who want to come and support,” said Uridel.

KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez spoke with Uridel live on Good Morning San Diego.

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