Oceanside murder suspect arrested steps away from victim’s home

OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – A 21 year-old transient has been arrested in the murder of an Oceanside retiree. The break in the case came through an unusual set of circumstances. On August 14, 77 year old John Roth was found in his Oceanside home with severe trauma to his upper body. Several items from the home, including a computer and jewelry were missing. Police were working with forensic evidence to develop leads. Investigators ran a DNA sample though a national database and came up with a hit, but it wasn’t until October 19 when investigators were given a name for the match. That name was Carey Lamont Reid.

Only two days later, officers responding to a call about a man sleeping in the parking lot of a local business discovered the man was Carey Reid. The parking lot where Reid was taken into custody was across the alley from the victim’s home. One of the officers who happened to be in the field that day was also the lead investigator in the Roth homicide.

At the Surfside Tap Room, where Roth used to stop in for a beer four or five times a week, manager Sam Scherff said the news of Roth’s murder two months ago was a shock.

“We were devastated,” said Scherff.

She said she did not think it was likely that police would ever bring in a suspect.

“I really believed that it was probably a transient and whomever it was, got on a bus and left town the next day. I really, really never thought they’d find somebody,” Scherff said.

The suspect, Carey Reid is being held without bail. He’s scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday, October 23.


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