Oceanside to Canton – Oceanside Football’s Pulo Pumele on Junior Seau

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – August 8th Junior Seau will take his place among football immortals as a member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame.  It will be a bitter sweet occasion for Chargers fans still dealing with the hard to believe suicide of their beloved number 55. It’s for that reason Seau’s family and friends along with Youth Opportunities are hosting an Induction Dinner Celebration this Saturday night (August 1st) under the banner Oceanside to Canton.

Appearing on KUSI-TV Wednesday evening,  Seau’s cousin and fellow Oceanside Pirate alum, Pulo Pumele says Saturday’s tribute will focus exclusively on Seau’s amazing life and incredible athletic career.  “The other stuff (Seau family lawsuit against the NFL) will work itself over time.  Saturday is about Junior the man and his generous spirit”.

Fellow NFL greats Dan Saleauma, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Jesse Sapolu, Willie Buchanon along with former Oceanside football John Carroll will all be guest speakers. The went will be held at the OLN Conference Center in Oceanside.  The event is open to the public at the cost of $25 dollars per person.  “The ticket price covers the cost of the food, and man there is going to be a lot of food” says Poumele.  “Junior always said ‘let’s break break’  and so you can count on quite a feast.” 

For more ticket information on Oceanside to Canton  use the email address buddie2015@hotmail.com.

Tables are first come first serve. Attire Casual Hawaiian. This is a no alcohol event.

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