Oceanside, Vista and San Marcos temporarily keep some beaches and trails open

OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – The City of Oceanside is one of only two cities in San Diego County to keep their beaches open over the weekend. Authorities say they kept their beaches open because the residents and visitors have been following the social distancing orders.

Although the beach is technically open with a soft closure, the Oceanside Pier is closed.

Oceanside Code Enforcement Division Manager Kirk Mundt supplied KUSI News with the following information to clear up any possible confusion regarding what is open and what is closed:

Oceanside beaches have soft closure, following the lead of state beaches such as Carlsbad State Beach, Torrey Pines and others up and down the state.  All lots west of the train tracks are closed. Lifeguards are making announcements and monitoring.  Active recreation such as walking or jogging individually is permissible at this time, but this could change.  No lingering, no sunbathing. Picnicking areas are closed.  Playgrounds are closed. Over 75 signs in place advising social distancing.  Below is the scene showing compliance from Saturday.

Empty Oceanside Beach

Visitors following social distancing guidelines during coronavirus pandemic

Vista and San Marcos have kept their hiking trails open, at least until now, for the same reason.

KUSI’s Dan Plante spoke with San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones about the decision and reported live from the beach in Oceanside with more details.

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