Ohio officer pleads not guilty during arraignment

OHIO (KUSI) – A former University of Cincinnati Police Officer is pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

And there was an outburst in the courtroom Thursday when the judge slammed down the gavel ordering him held on a $1 million bail. 

The entire proceeding only last five minutes, but symbolically it showed the community that in this case of a white cop shooting a black driver, a body cam showing what happened will help find the truth quickly. 

Ray Tensing, 25, was handcuffed, dressed in jail stripes and let into the courtroom.

One of the key pieces of evidence will be the police bodycam. It shows the traffic stop and driver Samuel Dubose fumbling for his license and talking to Tensing. 

And then, it show Tensing pulling his weapon and shooting Dubose in the head.

In court Thursday there was an outburst after the chargers were read and the bail was announced.

What happens between now and that next court date in the community is important too.

There already have been some protesting, but city leaders said because there is video of the incident and prosecutors moved quickly to arrest and charge the officer, they hope there is no more violence in Cincinnati.

However, despite the high bail, Tensing did find the money and is a free man while awaiting trial. 

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