Olympian 37, Otay Ranch 30

Olympian Eagles 37- Otay Ranch Mustangs 30 was the final of The Battle of the O’s in Week 7 of the PPR! What a battle might I add? Upon arrival at the half, the game was 21-14 Otay Ranch after a late touchdown in the final seconds of the 2nd quarter by the Mustangs.

It didn’t take long after kickoff for the hard hitting action to begin. Otay would take its first possession to the house when Dorsey Furlow took the handoff 53 yards for the score, 28-13 Otay Ranch. Olympian would get the ball and air it out when QB Garry Cannon threw a 25 yard pass to Ed Galloway for the score, 28-19 Otay Ranch. The Eagles would eventually get the ball back after forcing the Mustangs to punt and Mr. Cannon would air it out to who else but an open Galloway, but Galloway would have the ball hit his hands and have an incomplete pass. So in the next play he would call his own number off the pitch and go for a 57 yard touchdown run, 28-25 Otay Ranch.

In the fourth the Eagles Garry Cannon would air the ball out to who else but Ed Galloway from 26 yards out, 31-28 Olympian. Olympian would get the ball back again after the Otay Ranch punt, this time deep in their own territory and be forced to punt themselves. After some penalties the ball could finally be snapped and the ball punted safely out the end zone, but wait the Eagles would give up a safety when the punter stepped out the back of the end zone before the ball was off, 31-30 Olympian. The safety would mean that Otay got the ball back with just over 3 minutes left in the game, plenty of time to drive down the field and win right? Wrong, the Samoan Mexican Marcelo Knox-Iuli would intercept the Otay Ranch passing attempt and take the ball to the Mustangs 28 yard line. On 4th and 1 Garry Cannon would attempt to get the first down to run out the clock but see the open lain and in the end carry an Otay Ranch defender into the end zone for the score, 37-30 Olympian. Otay ranch would get the ball with just over a minute to go in the game. They would eventually try a call out of the ASU play book and go for the Hail Marry play, but the Eagles would say “NO, NO, NO, NOT IN MY HOUSE!” As they would stop the Otay Ranch receiver at the 4 yard line and that’s the game folks. Olympian would hold on to the trophy yet again for the 3rd year since the creation of The Battle of the O’s rivalry game between these to schools, the final again was 37-30 Olympian over Otay Ranch

Otay Ranch now goes back home to host the Bonita Vista Barons in the Mustangs homecoming game, as for the Eagles, the Madhouse Madison will travel south to Olympian to face the Eagles at home in Week 8

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