On Their Side! & Beat the Heat!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 – Neighbors called KUSI's Michael Turko when they couldn't get anything done about a CalTrans construction lot that's been a thorn in their sides for years. Turko opened a file on the case last month and now a state assemblyman says it's time for CalTrans to move on.  CalTrans told Turko they were saving the land for possible use as a park and ride lot. Now they're telling Block they're getting ready to sell it and the city has first dibs.

    Now here's a case when we can say mission accomplished and not a day too soon! When Turko opened this file last month, some east county residents were getting flaky excuses about their swimming pool. But now with the summer sun blazing away they finally have a way to beat the heat! The management company said they had to rebuild the drains in that pool to comply with new federal and state laws, laws that took effect back in twenty ten!

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