Once homeless, City College student named top in California

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Issanna Loughman has been named one of the top community college students in the state of California and has been accepted to Yale. But the road to get there wasn’t easy.

As a youth in Boston, she found herself homeless, involuntary committed into a mental health clinic and suffering from debilitating back issues.

But Loughman credits positivity and support from people around her as the reason she was able to make it out of her situation.

“It’s really easy to get sucked into the negativity that we go through in that moment but its really important to me to just be happy, Loughman said. “Finding peers that you share this experience with will be helpful.”   

Loughman said she suffered through depression while living on the Streets in Boston. She would sleep all day and walk around at night. But it was important to her to get out of that situation.

She took baby steps, she said, finding one job and then another until she was able to rent a room.

Once she moved to San Diego, she was able to find education at San Diego City College. She was able to take classes for free, was provided food on campus, received support from faculty and find a community so that she could  “grow.”

 “Her intelligence stood out and her motivation,” Kristen Cole, Professor of Psychology at San Diego City College said. “I could see the resilience in her eyes.”

Eventually she wants to be a clinical child psychologist and wants to give support to children in the mental health system.

Loughman was accepted to Yale and many other colleges. She has decided to attend UCSD where she was accepted directly into the Psychology program with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology. It was the best fit for her, she said because of the many resources they offer. 

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