One for One Clothing Co. donates to Father Joes Villages

A clothing company that started in 2020 has a mission to help the unsheltered in our communities. One for One Clothing Co. gives you an opportunity to make change happen. Their goal is to bring awareness to the homeless issue we have in San Diego and they hope to share their ideas with the rest of the country as their brand continues to grow.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon was at Father Joes Villages on Good Morning San Diego to speak with the owners about their cause and why they decided to donate to Father Joes Villages.

How it works:

For every piece of clothing sold, they then donate one item to those who need it most. These items consist of blankets, towels, beanies, gloves, underwear, and socks. Additionally, for every piece of dog apparel purchased, they donate a can of high quality dog/cat food to the pets of the homeless.

Visit the website to make a difference in a persons life:

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