One Hundred San Diego children with autism to surf in Pacific Beach

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Surfers Healing will be hosting 100 of San Diego’s children with autism at Tourmaline Surf Park in Pacific Beach.

Surfers Healing has shown that surfing positively impacts children with autism by instilling them with an added boost of confidence and calmness.

“For one day, we are elevated to a place that allows us to just be a kid, a kid that challenges oneself, and feels the adrenalin rush and the glory of riding a wave on a board” Lori George a Surfers Healing participant parent.

Many children with autism struggle with sensory overload and by tandem surfing with Surfers Healing counselors, the weightlessness and rhythms of the ocean offers therapeutic relief specifically, a departure from the constant assault on their senses.

Surfers Healing co-founder Izzy Paskowitz joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the event.

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