‘One Paseo’ project back before city council

CARMEL VALLEY (KUSI) — A year ago, it was one of the most controversial development projects San Diego had ever seen.

On Monday, "One Paseo" in Carmel Valley is back before the city council.

Five days before the council vote, the debate over the One Paseo vote has been reduced considerably because the project has been reduced considerably.

The plan is nearly 20 percent smaller than the plan approved by the city council, a 7 to 2 vote which then brought lawsuits and a referendum drive, which forced the council to respond its approval.

Back to the drawing board included the developer Kilroy Realty, working much more closely with the community.

As importantly, the new numbers include a 44 percent reduction in traffic. One Paseo spokesperson, Rachael Lang, did the math.

"Retail causes the most traffic, office causes the next most, housing less, so we significantly cut office and retail and kept housing and that got us to almost cutting the traffic in half," she said.

Kilroy characterized One Paseo as the example of meeting the city’s smart growth concept: more density in San Diego’s core area, with the accompanying services, rather than sprawl. 

If so, the huge pushback had to be considered embarrassing. Lang was in Mayor Jerry Sanders’ administration.

"It still delivers mixed use. It still has people walking out of their cars. It does go along with the concept, but at a level of impact the community can be comfortable with," Lang said.

It appears there will be very little, if any, drama Monday. After all, the council overwhelmingly approved One Paseo with its original design.

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