One-year anniversary of Boston Marathon bombing


The area near the finish line of the Boston Marathon was evacuated Tuesday, after two backpacks were left unattended.  This coming one year after a horrific tragedy that left three people dead and more than 200 people hurt – when two bombs exploded near the finish line at last year's marathon.
A day of tribute, as thousands gather in Boston to mark the first anniversary of the Boston bombings. Those who were there on that fateful day reflected:
“We chose to run towards smoke and danger,” said survivor Patrick Downes at the tribute podium. “We chose to utilize our belts and purse straps as tourniquets. We chose to hold the injured in our arms.”
Many took the opportunity to not only reflect, but also push forward. Vice President Joe Biden reminded everyone tragedies like these not only reinforce Boston's resolve, but America's as well.
“Not a single moment of hardship that America has not been transformed by, made stronger by. But it's anchored in the undaunting courage and uncommon resolve of ordinary Americans.”
But even before the first survivor took the podium, some of the most moving moments were on the streets of Boston. Little Jane Richard stood on the spot where she lost her leg and her big brother a year ago; it was a small and quiet, yet powerful moment – the beginning of a day of remembrance and solemn celebration.
“We will never yield. We will never cower. American will never, ever, ever, ever stand down. We are Boston. We are America. We respond. We endure. We overcome and we own the finish line,” declared Biden.
Boston came together to send a message to the nation: united, we will always persevere. The 2014 Boston Marathon will be held on April 21st, which is also Patriot's Day in Massachusetts.


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