Opening of new San Diego Central Courthouse postponed until fall as smoke dampers re-tested

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The opening of the $555.5 million San Diego Central Courthouse will be delayed until early fall so that 1,100 smoke dampers in the new building can be re-tested, Superior Court Presiding Judge Jeffrey Barton said in a message to court employees Wednesday.

The 22-story structure, which had been set to open to the public July 17, will replace the San Diego County Courthouse and consolidate Criminal, Family and Probate Court facilities.

Barton said that although the fire alarm and sprinkler systems have been tested and approved, it was necessary to reprogram the fire control panel during the testing.

Because of the reprogramming, the state Fire Marshal wanted the smoke dampers in the building re-tested, according to Barton.

The new courthouse has 71 courtrooms and 704,000 square feet of space.

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