“Operation Guacamole” nets 3 arrests

FALLBROOK (CNS) – Three men are in custody facing various drug,
gang and weapons charges following a zero-tolerance parolee and probationer
sweep in Fallbrook, authorities said.

Carlos Mejia, 21, Miguel de la Rosa, 19, and Edgar Rodriguez, 24, were
each arrested on Thursday during Operation Guacamole, according to the San
Diego County Sheriff's Department, which cheekily named the sweep after
Fallbrook's rich avocado industry.

“The goal is to catch repeat offenders and protect community members
from becoming victims of crime,” the Sheriff's Department said in a statement.
“The sweep targeted members and associates of the Varrio Fallbrook Locos
criminal street gang.”

Mejia was arrested on suspicion of possession of gang paraphernalia, de
la Rosa was arrested on suspicion of a weapon-related charge and Rodriguez was
arrested on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Thursday marked the eighth time the Sheriff's Department has conducted a
sweep in the Fallbrook area under the name Operation Guacamole.

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