Orange Glen Patriots 19, Army/Navy Warriors 7

It was a special night for everyone at the Army-Navy Academy. Since students board at the academy, tonight’s game was a great opportunity for parents to spend time with their kids. It was a fun night of barbecuing and socializing, and of course some great football. The visiting Orange Glen Patriots defeated the Army-Navy Warriors 19-7 in a hard hitting battle.

The Patriots’ Cael Patterson has been a force of nature for Orange Glen all season, and he had no intention of slowing down against the Warriors. 125 of his 212 rushing yards on the night came on only two first half carries! Patterson broke one off for 66 in the first quarter, and then a 59 yarder in the second. Now with Orange Glen up 12-0, Paul Ferraro, a.k.a. Paul “Ferrari”, got the Warriors crowd going when he took a kick return 76 yards to the house. Things looked much better for Army-Navy going into halftime after that great play by Ferraro.

The third quarter was pretty quiet unless you’re a big fan of defenses shutting down any offensive plays. Cael Patterson scored a 1 yard touchdown in the 4th quarter to put Orange Glen up 19-7. Army-Navy had made multiple attempts to get back into the game, but they were all shut down by the Patriot defense, notably Tristen Smith. Smith intercepted two passes in the final quarter. Army-Navy got a huge break after Orange Glen fumbled a punt in their own territory. The Warriors would moved into the red zone until Smith stopped the momentum with his second pick. Orange Glen improved to 4-1 and looks forward to a game against Classical Academy while Army-Navy will try and bounce back against Marantha Christian. The next week of football is setting up to be just as exciting as this one. Tune into the Prep Pigskin Report next week for all the results and highlights!

PREVIEW: The Orange Glen Patriots and the Army-Navy Warriors is one of the can’t matchups in store this Friday night that will be brought to you by the Prep Pigskin Report.

The Patriots are 3-1 while the Warriors are 2-2, so a win in this game will be especially important for the two teams.

One of the many games being

Army-Navy’s offense has struggled after looking so dominant in their first two games.

After both of those wins, the Warriors have struggled to score.

The offense is led by running back Hadi Assi, who has been a workhorse for the team, as he averages close to nine yards a carry and even leads his squad in receiving yards. A big game from him will make it a lot easier for everyone else, especially the defense.

This Warrior defense has plenty of impact players, notably Hugh Bennett and Brady Bryan, who both have been a force in the defensive front.

If a quarterback can avoid getting sacked by one of these two, he has to deal with cornerback Tony Dunn and safety Vito Durant in the backfield. Vito leads the way with four interceptions in four games.

The best part? This Durant didn’t betray anyone to join these Warriors. He’s been here since day one.

Orange Glen is in a very similar situation.

The Patriots outscored their first two opponents by a total of 92-21, but couldn’t get much going in last week’s 14-37 loss to San Pasqual.

Orange Glen also has a do it all running back in Cael Patterson.

The Patriots team captain has already scored 10 times (9 on the ground and 1 receiving touchdown) and he leads his team in receiving yards just like Assi for Army-Navy.

Expect a great showdown between these two running backs, and be sure to tune into the Prep Pigskin Report this Friday to see all the highlights.

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