Oregon’s satellite camp brings Helfrich to a new fertile crescent

Todd Doxey was the first of this modern era to take the trip from America’s Finest City to the Northwest.

A special trio followed his path, and a Silver Pigskin winner came rolling after.

Two members of the class of 2017 have plotted their land in Eugene in 2016.

And all throughout that time, one man has watched it all happen…an oddity considering his lackluster attendance on these shores.

"Not enough would be my answer for how often I’m in San Diego," Oregon coach Mark Helfrich said. 

His Ducks have become – first quietly, now loudly and proudly – the premier program on the Western seaboard. San Diego’s had plenty to with it, so the Duck brand will now begin to fly here during summertime through the satellite camp program.

If it fields them what they have now, it’s worth it. Darren Carrington and Tyree Robinson should start at their respective positions of wide receiver and defensive back, but the largest praise goes to Royce Freeman.

Helfrich praising the owner of the silver sow as one of the two best players on the team — alongside his stablemate in the backfield in Charles Nelson.

"He’s one of the people that…you think you know him from afar, and they think he’s pretty good, but he’s better," Helfrich said.

If Oregon wasn’t sure about doing it before, they are now after seeing the impressive group that came to work out. A group of Silver Pigskin watchlisters ranging from Ezekiel Noa and Jordan Genmark Heath, all the way to Tariq Thompson and Tate Haynes.

That’s just a taste of the action. There’s plenty more in the pile, now and into the future.

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