Organic Fabric Company in Santee is permanently closing due to Newsom’s ‘tyrannical’ shutdown orders

SANTEE (KUSI) – The Organic Fabric Company in Santee has attracted customers from all over the world as they are the only brick and mortar storefront selling the unique products in the entire world. The store is filled with hand-picked carefully curated goods and organic fabrics.

The owners, Gabriela Gammo and her husband, Peter Gammo, announced online Tuesday that “due to the state and county restrictions we have been under, we cannot afford to keep our brick and mortar shop any longer. The openings and closings followed by more soft openings and then closings again have been too tumultuous and volatile.”

Although they are still open online, the Gammo’s say they are “saddened, but not broken.”

Gabriela Gammo spoke with KUSI News Wednesday as she was moving product out of her Santee storefront.

After the first set of lockdown orders at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Gabriela Gammo said she kept her shop open “in protest.” She explained, “we were not deemed essential, and I, out of protest, decided to keep my business open because I had told my husband that nobody could tell me that my business is or isn’t essential. So, I refused to shut down. However, I did close to customers coming in and browsing because I knew I couldn’t afford a lawsuit.”

But after the continued soft openings and closings, the Gammo’s can no longer afford to keep their shop open.

Gabriel explained she has to permanently close her doors but hopes to be back soon since America, “is the land of opportunity.” She explained, “under the current restrictions that Gavin has, brick and mortar cannot continue, we don’t have any plans to reopen brick and mortar until things are less volatile. As of right now, we’re able to be open with curbside pickup, and that can change at the whim of our governor. And it is not a way to be able to run a business.”

To fight back against what the Gammo’s call “Gavin Newsom’s tyrannical and unchecked overreach,” the Gammo’s are signing petitions to Recall Gavin Newsom. They say “the purpose of government is to protect our rights, to protect our freedoms, to protect our constitution. What’s happening right now, is a vast overreach, it’s making the determination of how people should live as individuals and how businesses should run, instead of allowing us to make decisions and practice the best practices that we can, and letting the market decide.”

Continuing, “Instead we have the governor telling us what we can and cannot do, how to interact with our customers, what’s acceptable, what isn’t, and once again, these goal posts are constantly moving and changing.”

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with the Gammo’s live on Good Morning San Diego to find out more about their troubles and how government overreach has forced them to permanently close their doors.

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