Otay Ranch Mustangs 14, Valhalla Norsemen 7

                You would be wrong to assume that the scolding heat had any effect on the turnout at Otay Ranch high school. Thunderous chants by the Mustang student section cluttered the entire stadium. Their enthusiasm was not in vein, as the Otay Ranch Mustangs (1-0) defeated the Valhalla Norsemen (0-1), 14-7.

                As the game progressed through the first quarter, Adrian Rodriguez shook off a defender and completed a 23 yard touchdown run.  The touchdown achieved by Rodriguez shifted the momentum to Otay Ranch with a 7-0 lead.

                In the second quarter, the Norsemen refused to be tamed, exemplified by a 20 yard touchdown pass thrown by Phillip Naseh to Connor Chamberlain, 7-7 tie game. Chamberlain received a total of about 60 passing yards.

Mustang quarterback, Oscar Limon, linked with his receiver Ennovy Halton for an 8 yard touchdown pass, 14-7 Otay. Limon often fell victim to the Norsemen defense as he scattered around the back field losing big yards.

The game became a battle of defense as it closed in on its last ten minutes.  While the Mustangs contained the Norsemen for multiple drives, Valhalla replied with a just as rigid defense. Emotions ran high as Oscar Limon threw an interception picked off by Trey Schimke. The fortunate interception on the Mustang’s 16 yard line gave life to the Norsemen.

16 yards separated Valhalla from tying and losing the game. In desperation, Valhalla quarterback, Phillip Naseh tossed a pass into the end zone that settled into the hands of Otay’s game hero, Adrian Rodriguez. Rodriguez chiseled his team’s victory into stone with his big interception.

The final score, 14-7 Otay Ranch. Once more, Friday night lights did not disappoint in the South Bay. The only inevitable thing in life is high school football and PPR on Friday nights.


PREVIEW: Finally the Prep Pigskin Report returns to deliver the best San Diego high school football has to offer. Kicking it off in the South Bay, the Valhalla Norsemen are hitting the road to the home of the Otay Ranch Mustangs.

This game counts as the second time these two teams battle each other to begin the season. Last year’s bout resulted in the Mustangs clinching a 24-11 win over the Norsemen. The fact that Valhalla and Otay are not completely accustomed to each other will produce a game full of surprises.

Otay Ranch ended their 2014-2015 season with a record of 5-6-0. The Mustangs reached the first round of playoffs until the Lincoln Hornets knocked them out of competition. Otay’s schedule is full of exciting match-ups: the St. Augustine Saints, Lincoln Hornets, and Eastlake Titans to name a few.

The Valhalla Norsemen are coming off of a 4-7-0 record from their 2014-2015 season. Just as the Mustangs were eliminated from the playoffs after the first round, Valhalla was defeated by the El Camino Wildcats. Valhalla, sporting the classic orange and white uniform, should use Friday night’s game to sharpen their skill set for their encounter against their rival, Granite Hills high school.

Like always, expect to find the highlights of this game, along with all the others, this Friday night on the PPR at 10:30 PM on KUSI.   

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