Outrage after military asks Army National Guard to return signing bonuses

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A collective feeling of outrage is coming from both Democrats and Republicans over an issue with the military and bonuses paid to members of the Army National Guard.

The military wants those bonuses back to the tune of $22 million.

The recruiting commercials are slick and straight forward: you help your country and your country will help you.

Unfortunately when it comes to the Army National Guard, that deal has been broken for thousands of soldiers.

The debacle began years ago when America was involved in two major wars and running short on troops.

The Army National Guard offered big bonuses to anyone who would reenlist, most of them around $15,000.

Since then, thousands of troops who reenlisted got some bad news. Those bonuses were illegal and the government is taking their money back.

Making matters worse, many of these troops went to war, several times.

Some of them losing limbs in combat and not the military wants their bonuses back. 

This is an issue that has climbed to the top.

During a campaign stop in San Diego, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is equally outraged.

Yes, Democrats and republicans both promise quick action.

Even though most members of Congress are now fighting for re-election, they will be back in Washington after the election.

This is an issue that promises to be front and center.

Both Democrats and Republicans also agree on another issue, the millions of dollars already paid out should be paid back.

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