Outrage over Point Loma duplex project

POINT LOMA (KUSI) — Residents in Point Loma said they are outraged over a duplex development they contend is flaunting city building rules, even though the city approved it.

There’s a four-story duplex under construction at the corner of Emerson and Evergreen in a Point Loma area, called Roseville.

Even to the casual observer, the building seems totally out of character with the rest of the neighborhood, a neighborhood made up mostly of one and two-story single family homes.

The tallest apartments in the immediate area are three stories. What’s more, views of at least half a dozen homes are now being blocked.

But according to the contractor, with whom KUSI spoke with off camera, this is what the city wants, more density in core areas and he added there are a whole lot more projects just like this one in the pipeline.

However, the specific arguments residents are making, which they’re backed by the Peninsula Community Planning Board and the Point Loma Association, concern the project’s height and the fact that the city bypassed the planning board when it approved the project.

Something as mundane as a bathroom remodel has to be vetted by the planning group. 

The Proposition D height limit for the coastal zone is 30 feet – the duplex is 40 feet – but there are questions over whether that applies to this specific location and then there’s the issue of how such heights are measured.

If a project is on a slope, then the measurement starts at the slope’s highest point.

The seething people with whom KUSI spoke, point to all the dirt the contractor is now bringing in. They charge he’s creating an artificial slope for measurement purposes.

The contractor also said it’s a three-story project, not four, because the current above ground basement is going to be covered.

He added that the developer was adamant about not being contacted by KUSI News.

Residents also point to nearby construction projects and whether this is just the beginning.

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