Over 800K gallons of waste leakage on base undiscovered for three years

CAMP PENDLETON (KUSI) — A sewage spill discovered two weeks ago on Camp Pendleton went undetected for almost three years, allowing 807,000 gallons of waste to leak onto the base.

A pipeline connecting to restrooms at a training pool near a dry Cristianitos Creek began leaking in the summer of 2013, authorities believe. Base officials disclosed the spill Thursday, but reported no health problems or risks resulting from the leak.

The leak could have started during a repair project at the facility, according to a public statement from Marine Corps Installations West. An inspection of another sanitation line brought to light the leak.

The sewage discharge apparently mixed with equal amounts of chlorinated water drainage, the statement said. It did not reach nearby natural waterways, run off the Camp Pendleton property or create any heath risks on or off the base, authorities said.

The spill remains under investigation and regulatory agencies have been notified, according to the USMC statement. 

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