Owner of Encinitas Ale House ‘infuriated’ with government regulations

ENCINITAS (KUSI) – Attorney Michael Curran is representing around 30 businesses across San Diego County is threatening legal action against any government agency for infringing on the businesses’ constitutional rights to operate despite the public health orders.

One of the newest businesses to join the group is the Encinitas Ale House. The Encinitas Ale House recently posted an emotional message to their Instagram page about their opposition to Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear’s threat to rescind sidewalk permits from businesses that don’t comply.

The message read, “Our Mayor Blakespear has announced that outdoor dining permits will be suspended for those that don’t remove tables from the streets. We have had ONE to go order tonight. This is not sustainable and small business in Encinitas will be destroyed. If you wish to have a voice regarding the continued enforcement of outdoor dining, we beg you, take one minute and drop an email to: cblakespear@encinitasca.gov and council@encinitasca.gov Or say goodbye to all the small restaurants that you love as the corporations move in.”

KUSI’s Dan Plante spoke with the owner of Encinitas Ale House, Tomaso Maggiore, and Attorney Michael Curran about the struggles the unconstitutional government orders have forced onto so many of our businesses.

Maggiore thanked KUSI News for continually giving “small businesses a voice, and a different narrative than we’re used to hearing on most of the other news outlets. That we are public nuisances, that we’re selfish, but you know, we’re just trying to earn a living for ourselves and our family, which also happens to be our employees.”

Regarding joining the large group of San Diego County businesses reopening as part of their constitutionally protected right to peacefully protest, Maggiore said, “the reality is, is that, the city has poked the bear and we are awake now. The businesses have banded together, and we have had enough.”

Maggiore continued to be critical of the “blanket” regulations being put on businesses like his. Explaining, “it’s not sustainable. For the local bureaucrats to not understand basic business 101, they have no business being in power to tell us how to operate. I mean, it is not sustainable. Doing to-go orders is going to have us go further in-debt, it is going to have us go further backwards, it’s infuriating, it really is.”

Curran explained the United States Constitution gives all these hardworking people the right to remain open, and “the shutdown orders are doing more harm than good.”

As Plante explains the business owners are frustrated because, “the science just does not point back to these places. Period.”

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