Owner of Rudford’s Restraurant says it is “madness” to have to close again

NORTH PARK (KUSI) – As “Southern California” prepares for a second lockdown, business owners and Californians across San Diego County are upset with the way Governor Newsom is handling the coronavirus.

The owner, Jeff Kacha, said he thinks the order is “madness once again.” Continuing, “I understand they haven’t set a date yet, which is very interesting, so maybe we will have a chance that we won’t have to close.”

Kacha then said they will have to let their nearly 30 employees go if in fact, they are forced to close down shop. just before the holiday season doesn’t make it any easier for him.

Jeff’s son, Nick Kacha, said it is a “nightmare” that they have to deal with the government forcing them to close when they have done everything right at every step of the way. Our leaders constantly tell us they are “following the science,” but they are forcing businesses to close that aren’t responsible for spreading the virus.

KUSI’s Dan Plante spoke with the Kacha’s on Good Evening San Diego.

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