Owner of the DOT Cocktail Lounge prepares for California to finally lift COVID restrictions

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Businesses across San Diego County are anxiously waiting for Governor Gavin Newsom to lift all the COVID restrictions, and return to normal life like the rest of the country did many months ago.

Over the last year, bar and restaurant owners have been put under enormous stress as California’s leadership constantly changed the regulations they had to abide by, in the name of public health.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon was with Philanzo King, the owner of The DOT Cocktail Lounge in Barrio Logan, to find out more about how he is preparing for the long-awaited full reopening.

King thanked KUSI News for our coverage of small business owners like himself, explaining that no one else was taking the time to give their voices power against the governments overbearing regulations.

King said, “First and foremost, Thanks KUSI for always keeping us in the loop and making sure small businesses have a voice here in the community. Without you guys, we can’t be heard. We have no platform that will allow a small business owner to come in, sit down, and voice their opinion and actually be taken seriously. If you go down to the Mayors office or any other venue… you can walk in and talk to someone, but how far will your voice be heard?”

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