Owner of The Village SD implements “your body, your choice” mask policy

NORTH PARK (KUSI)- The Village SD owner, Alondra Ruiz, opened her business in North Park just months before COVID-19 restrictions forced businesses to temporarily shut-down operations.

Ruiz took a stance to peacefully protest the government ordered coronavirus lockdowns, using her constitutional rights, throughout the whole pandemic.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with Ruiz on Good Morning San Diego to discuss how she came to the decision to defy the COVID-19 restrictions.

Ruiz said, “Masks are not required here. I believe it’s your body, your choice. We honor freedom.” Ruiz added that she believes Americans are smart enough to make decisions for themselves.

Ruiz made the decision to lift the mask policy at her restaurant when she witnessed a mother struggling to put a mask on her autistic child. Ruiz reacted to the situation and said, “it’s okay, we’ll serve you. Come inside.”

The Village SD has seen tremendous support from the community and Ruiz hopes to see other businesses following her stance by seeing the different perspective of masks and to have compassion towards others.

If you are planning on visiting, The Village SD has karaoke on Wednesday night and live music on Fridays.

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