Owners of ‘Son of a Toast’ debating defying COVID restrictions in order to survive

NORTH PARK (KUSI) – As San Diego County remains one of the most locked down counties in the United States, small business owners from all over are debating whether or not to defy the COVID restrictions and reopen in order to survive.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon was live in North Park with the owner of “Son of a Toast,” who may not have a choice but to reopen.

The owners bought “Son of a Toast” in 2019. Previously to this new restaurant, they owned Bellisarios in Del Mar which shut-down in 2016.

Owner, Carol Edenbaum tells KUSI, “As soon as we were starting to get on our feet here at Son of a Toast, COVID-19 hit and we had to shutdown. It’s been a struggle to stay open everyday since, but we’re not going to give up.”


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