Oxycontin: Treatment shortcomings

One of the most difficult aspects of being an addict is when you decide you are an out-of-control addict and enough is enough. You decide to take the steps to get clean, but for young people coming to facts with the idea that you can not “party” anymore with your friends, or you can't go out and have that big 21st birthday drink, rehab can become a revolving door. Drug Rehab can also be a costly experience and if you don't get the adequate help you need the chances of falling off the wagon are great.

KUSI's Ross Becker takes a look at the issues of treatment and staying clean. Becker shares the stories of two mothers whose families have been devastated by prescription drug addiction. One mother tried to get her son the help he needed but finances couldn't allow an adequate rehab facility and another mother's story of sending her son to multiple rehabs only to have him overdose leaving him a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair.

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