Padres announce a postseason drive-in viewing for fans wanting to watch the games

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego Padres have clinched a playoff birth for the first time in 14 years, but San Diegans are still unable to attend their games due to regulations made by the MLB and the State of California.

The MLB has banned fans from attending any games in the 2020 season, but are debating allowing fans at limited capacity for the playoffs. Furthermore, the State of California has prohibited public or private gatherings of all kinds statewide.

Petco Park is entirely outdoors, and safety protocols similar to the NFL’s would be put in place.

Dr. Wooten said she would not, because that would be a gathering with alcohol consumption, citing the state’s ban on gatherings.

Explaining, “a Padres game is a gathering, and with games it includes and is associated with alcohol consumption and when you mix those two, people lose their ability to operate and use their best judgement. It is a gathering and currently the state does not recommend gatherings.”

But, to allow fans to be able to support the Friars, the Padres have announced a post season drive-in at the Lexus Lot outside of Petco Park.

KUSI’s Dan Plante reports live from Basic Pizza and other nearby restaurants that really benefit from the business the now fan-less Padres games bring in.

Dr. Wooten’s full answer about allowing fans to attend Padres games is below:

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