Padres star Randy Jones reveals pains of living next to homeless motel

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Mayor Bill Wells and City Manager Graham Mitchell announced that the county has been secretly housing homeless people in their motels. Wells and Mitchell are shocked to find out about this, as they found out due to increased reports being made related to homeless issues.

“Not only did we notice an increase in crime and need for medical responses around some of these motels, our police officers started noticing new homeless individuals, along with drug dealers who prey on them, and open drug use,” noted City Manager Graham Mitchell.

Last weekend, the City of El Cajon conducted a study of the motels and found that of the 703 occupied rooms last Saturday night, 26 percent of them (or 185 rooms) were occupied with someone using a homeless motel voucher. According to Mitchell, most of the vouchers were issued by one of the County contractors—Equus and Public Consulting Group.

In Escondido, residents have been dealing with this issue for years. Residents claim that the homeless don’t do drugs in the motel, they occupy areas in the neighborhood near their residences to partake in illegal activities. Many have stories of homeless retaliation following complaints by residents to the police.

KUSI’s Ed Lenderman got the scope of the problem in a local Escondido neighborhood, even getting information from Padres star Randy Jones who has been victim to the activities of the homeless for years.

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