Parents and staff are protesting at Ocean Beach Elementary

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Parents and staff held a protest at Ocean Beach Elementary on Monday.

Points of the protest posted by their PR representative, Terri McCoy of Para PR:

*The district DENIED our school’s open Choice options for enrollment, forcing many students to enroll elsewhere.  We know how many families want to be at OBE and they were denied, why?.

*The district DID NOT give automatic enrollment to last year’s preschoolers! Why have a preschool program if the children aren’t allowed to continue at our school, we have the space!

*We are only ELEVEN students away from having the correct ratio to keep a teacher. We will now have combo classes in ALL GRADE LEVELS!

*There is a HUGE, brand new apartment complex opening before December. It lies between OBE and Loma Portal and is mostly 3 bedroom apartments, perfect for tons of families to move into. If we have to excess 2 teachers and have classes at full capacity, we will not be able to accommodate the new students moving into our area.

*OBE is an excellent academic school with a thriving community. Give us a chance to allow our choice kids the option to come. This will save a lot of heart ache and protest. The two teachers that are being excessed are kinder teachers. This is going to throw our whole school into a whirlwind situation. A higher grade teacher will now have to leave their entire class that has been established and teach kinder. Then their class will have to be split up, all other classes will too. Do we really want combo classes in every grade?

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