Some parents object to re-airing of Obama speech in school

Some elementary students in Del Mar will be taken out of class early on Friday because their parents don't want them to hear a replay of President Obama's “Back to School” speech from last September.

The speech was controversial because the president used the occasion to inject hot button political issues like the war in Afghanistan and his combat with Republicans that many people felt was inappropriate for a back to school message to elementary age children.

The message to parents about replaying the speech came from Superintendent James Peabody.

On Good Morning San Diego, Congressman Brian Bilbray questioned the timing of the replay. “Its sort of suspect because its not timely anymore, if they had listened to it at the time that the president was giving it that's one thing but now, why is it being done so late, I think that's what really kind of reduces its value and quality,” said Bilbray.     

The district says the timing is perfect as the country celebrates President's Day.  And those who object can take their children home early.

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