Parents, students gather day after Trump protest walk-out

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A day after students from San Diego High School walked out to protest the election results, the students were back in class and so were their parents.

“Parent-Family Involvement Day" is now more important than ever.

“Life is so busy and sometimes you don’t think of things until the last minute,” parent J.P. Leonard said.

The Leonards have a freshman and senior at the school and they show up to “Parent-Family Involvement Day.”

“We don’t see this as a one-time event, this is a 365-day event, San Diego High School Principal Dr. Carmen Garcia said. “It is incredibly important the school, administrators and the teachers intricately involved with the parents and be a partner and team that we wrap our arms around our students so that all of them are successful.”

It was less than a day after several students walked out of class and joined a large anti-Trump protest through the streets of downtown San Diego.

“The majority of the students did stay here,” Garcia said. The school did not sanction the protest.

In fact, only 12-percent of students walked off campus.

“It is important for us to ensure that our 2500 students are safe. We can ensure their safety on campus but we cannot do so out on the streets,” Garcia said.

What the school did do was create an open forum yesterday for students.

“It was a very open ended attempt to listening to student voices and now it is now transforming into a plan of action to bring in speakers, elected officials to really empower our students to be active participants in their immediate community,” Garcia said. “And having all parents to be an active participant in their child’s education is equally important.”

Studies show if parents are involved, students are more likely to achieve success.

One parent very involved is Gabriela Contreras. “We’re celebrating parent involvement in their student’s education,” Contreras said. “The number one indicator in student success is parent involvement and that’s why we have this initiative at the national level with the parent teacher association.”

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