Park Boulevard businesses consider lawsuit over new bike lanes

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s been two months since the bike lanes along Park Boulevard were created, and business owners in the area are feeling the negative effects they are are making.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria has been a huge advocate of bike lanes, as his administration has removed parking spots in various neighborhoods throughout the city, to make room for bikes. Gloria believes more bike lanes will lead to more people in public transit, and less people in private vehicles, which allegedly will help San Diego achieve are “Climate Action Goals.”

But business owners and nearby residents aren’t very happy with the bike lanes. Businesses say less parking leads to less customers, which makes it harder for them to employ people and pay their rent, let alone make money for themselves.

Business owners opposed to the bike lanes knew they would not be helpful, and two months since they were created, they now have proof to support their opposition.

KUSI’s Matt Prichard spoke with supporters and opponents of the new Park Boulevard bike lanes, and explains why those in opposition are considering filing a lawsuit to get the bike lanes removed.

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