Part 5

The National Climate Data Center responded to the accusations of data manipulation in our first global warming special in January via the Yale Forum website by essentially saying our experts did not understand the complexities of dealing with the world wide weather data for the last 150 years and that the seeming cutting of the number of weather observations used from 6,000 to about 1,500 was an improvement in the system, as was the formula used to modify the reports because the old thermometers had been replaced by electronic sensors. WLOS-TV of Asheville, North Carolina where the NCDC is located followed up on our report and the response with a two part news special report that aired on their station on Wednesday, February 17th. We show part of that report, including interviews with the chief scientist at the NCDC and one of our experts Joseph D'Aleo, a fellow of the the American Meteorological Society. Both reports are viewable in their entirety on the WLOS TV website at

They are listed as “Heated Debate”, part 1 and part 2.

We also interview the computer programmer consultant who worked his way inside the complex computer codes to reveal the data manipulations of the NCDC. He is E. Michael Smith. His webplog Is fascinating. It is at

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