Part 7

Anthony Watts, former TV Meteorologist, is the star of this segment. And, he is one of the larger forces in the move to debunk the global warming frenzy. You can get to know him a little bit at

However, this only skims the surface. His background includes designing some of the first on-air weather computers ever used. (John Coleman first met him when he installed four of his computers at The Weather Channel when it was being built in 1981.) Today Watts Company provides the weather data from many television stations, radio stations, newspapers and websites.

He lives a very green life with solar cells and an electric car a big part of his daily life.

Anthony Watts webblog is the “home” of many scientists from around the world. It records 3.5 to 4 million hits a month. The postings include a wide range of weather related scientific papers and reports and long dialogs from 100s of commenters. That site known as Watts Up with That. It can be found at

He also runs the Surface Stations investigations, a website that recruits people to inspect weather observation stations everywhere and posts the results. It has become an amazing display of the lack of good scientific practices by our federal government weather agencies. That website is at

In preparing the program Watts did an 8 minute powerpoint display of the results of the surface stations investigation. While only a few parts of that presentation will be included in the TV program, the entire presentation will be posted on Coleman's Corner on within the next few weeks. Watch for it.

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