Part 8

The same climate researchers that revealed the data manipulations at the NCDC also found that manipulated data was further “adjusted” at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Science at Columbia University in New York City.

Even before our first program was on the air, the head of NASA GISS, Jim Hansen Ph.D. sent us a denial statement which we read on newscast and posed with that segment on our website. But it further highlighted a key question, why does NASA, the space agency, have a climate center that uses land based temperature sensors instead of using the modern satellite measurements of the atmosphere?

A team of renowned Climatologists John Christy Ph.D. and Roy Spencer Ph.D. at the University of Alabama at Huntsville have worked with the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, also there in Huntsville, to collect and research the satellite atmospheric temperature data. Dr. Christy joins on this segment of the program to delve into the satellite temperature data and its key departure from the warming scenario long proclaimed by NASA GISS. He tells an amazing story and its top drawer science not some political shouting.

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