Patrick Henry 24, Granite Hills 48

The Patrick Henry Patriots and the Granite Hills Eagles had a great battle between teams in week three. Patriots coming in 1-1 and Eagles 2-0, both teams were very quick on their feet which made the game go by very quickly as they took no time in between plays. They both jumped right into each play after one was over, trying to make sure the defense on each opposite side wasn’t ready when the play started.

Both Patrick Henry and Granite Hills have great, fast and versatile quarterbacks which is what made this game a back and forth scoring game. Christopher Samaneigo from Henry and Seth Collins from Granite showed lots of similarities throughout the game, they both can throw far distances, run the ball through traffic and get away from the sacks that come their way.

This game was taken over in the third by Michael Ladesma of Granite Hills, he had a great game, with 4 touch downs in the second half, even picked off the ball from Christopher Samaneigo two different times and took one of them in for an Eagles touch down!

As we go into the fourth quarter, the game made a long stretch to the finish because both teams kept getting penalties back to back, forcing the game to go on longer than usual. But the Eagles were able to pull a own this week, 48-24 over the Patriots.

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