Patrick Henry 35, Monte Vista 22

Patrick Henry came and conquered tonight against the Monarchs on Monte Vista, as they took home the W, winning 35-22.

In the first half the winner was far from being determined because both teams kept scoring back and forth, keeping the score on the board at a tie. Each teams offense and defense made it hard for the other to pull through and make a big play. It wasn’t until the third quarter when the Patriots of Patrick Henry started making a few plays.

Coming back from half time, both teams took the field in hopes of becoming victorious. Patrick Henry came out with a goal to reach and they fought all the way until the end to reach it. Patrick Henry’s quarterback Christopher Samaniego was able to make some good passes to one key player, Dezmon Patmon, if he wasn’t keeping it and running the ball himself. Samaniego was able to put the Patriots ahead with a keeper from five yards out at the beginning of the third, and then he connected with Dezmon Patmon for the second time to make their score double the Monarchs score.

The Monarchs had great difficulty in the second half, as their quarterback threw three interceptions throughout both the third and fourth quarters. This is where Patrick Henry was able to take advantage and eventually win the game. The Patriots are now 3-2 so far this season and the Monarchs drop to 3-3.

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