Paul Rudy

Entering his twelfth year on the PPR Paul Rudy, “Mr. PPR” himself, is back and ready to continue building the dynasty that is the Prep Pigskin Report. The host and head disciplinarian has recharged his high school football batteries and is ready to introduce the PPR to HD.

What started as a 15-minute broadcast that covered 11 to 12 games has exploded into the “gold standard” of San Diego sports programming. Paul has grown a show from a single segment to a show that lasts over an hour and covers almost the entire San Diego high school football spectrum.

The PPR is more than just a television show, it injects youth into even the eldest pigs. And while he still questions his reason for creating the show, every September people everywhere find the fountain of youth via the PPR. “Bottom line, it's fun. It's a way to stay eighteen, even into AARP years, and it beats the hell out of adhering to the NFL rules and restrictions on game coverage and interview policies.”

Since giving birth to the PPR in 1998, Paul has given countless sleepless night to the PPR and it has a special place in his heart. “(The PPR means) everything, besides raising my two labs it is the most important thing I do. I am extremely proud of it.”

Favorite PPR moment? “Teaching Steele Canyon H.S. the “46 Crossfire.” It was a football play my father ran way back in the early 50's. Sixty years later, the Cougars scored the first time they used it. I called my dad after the show (1:20am Wisconsin time) and he jumped out of bed at the news! It was enough to make a grown pig cry.”

Favorite accessory for the red PPR jacket? Trousers with an elastic waist band.

What does the PPR mean to the city? “You'll have to ask the city that. I think the best thing we might do is keep some kids off the road on Friday nights. Any parent can appreciate that.”

Twitter: @PPRPapaPig

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