Paul Rudy

As the headmaster behind KUSI's Prep Pigskin Report, Paul Rudy has grown the once three-employee and intern-run show into a 65 “Pig” production.  The show's success has created a challenging yet prideful experience for Rudy who feels he must have been a circus juggler in a previous life.

After Graduating from St. Norbert College in 1982 and a short career as a professional tennis instructor, Rudy landed his first TV job at WKOW-TV in Madison, Wisconsin.  Starting out as an overnight news photographer and eventually making his way to the sports department, Rudy says it was, “the demotion of a lifetime!” 

Rudy's near thirty-year career spans over eight TV stations in three different time zones.  He has put his enthusiastic touch on each place with original sports programming creations, including KUSI's Prep Pigskin Report and The All Sports Report.

 As the PPR enters its 15th season, Rudy feels it is hands down the biggest success he has been associated with. “The PPR is my Sgt. Pepper,” said Rudy.  “Unless you count the 6-and-5 season my senior year at Madison Edgewood High.” 


What do you enjoy most about the PPR?

“I enjoy the impossibility of it.  Every Friday night I know that it is a near statistical impossibility that we'll pull off a perfect show.  Some score will be loaded wrong or a name will be mispronounced, but I love the challenge of trying for perfection each time out.  At my age you need a challenge just to get out of bed in morning!”

What does the PPR mean to you?

“The thing I'm most proud of is the show has launched so many TV careers. With all due respect to the colleges and universities here in San Diego, the PPR is the most authentic TV training ground a young person can experience.  Granted it's not for everyone, but the kids who survive it leave with tools that will make them successful not just in TV but in life. We teach accountability, a skill set sadly missing in most curriculums today.”

Twitter: @PPRPapaPig

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