People are asking: Can San Diego be attacked by ISIS?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) –  The Paris attacks have put many cities across the world on high alert.

The question can’t be ignored. Could what happened in Paris happen in San Diego?

His name is Tony Perry, the intrepid Los Angeles Times reporter who has been to Iraq seven times, to Afghanistan seven times. He’s obviously a journalist who knows a lot about the threat posed by those who wish to cause harm.

Question one: Can this happen in San Diego? 

"The FBI has said that San Diego is a target rich environment for terrorists … ISIS capabilities and their level of brutally is evolving," Perry said.

San Diego ranks number four for the risk of homegrown terror, according to the Department of Homeland Security. 

The National Counter Terrorism Center also said San Diego County’s large Arab and Muslim population, our proximity to the border and strong Military presence increase the chances of a terror attack and then there’s this concerning the targeting of our Military.

Question two: It is two far fetched to ask if sleeper ISIS cells are already here?

"We have had people arrested in San Diego County who are on their way to Syria to fight on behalf of the Jehadists. So no, I don’t think that’s too far fetched. We’re not out of the woods. We’re in for what Obama said, we’re in for a generation of war and this is just the beginning of it." 

Perry said ISIS chose soft targets on Friday, as in shopping centers, restaurants and theaters. 

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