People gather at Sunset Cliffs after Mayor Faulconer opened some neighborhood parks

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After more than 30-days of lock down, you’d think all of us would get the point by now. Sadly not the case. Now that neighborhood parks are slowly opening, the frenzy of the great outdoors is overriding the common sense it will take to keep them open.

“Oh yeah, it was crazy last night. People in groups, people getting way to close and not many people wearing masks,” Jim Grant, Ocean Beach resident, said.

For thousands of people who’ve locked inside, reopening the parks is the first sign of life returning to normal. But there are rules and common sense regulations that must be followed in order to keep them open and move forward.

“I would say a lot of people are really not doing very well, As you can see, groups of people with no mask and too close to each other,” says Boris Wawen, who’s enjoying the beauty of mother nature without breaking the distance rules.

In some cases, people are still not aware of the new rules for outdoor activities. Some of them blatantly and boldly defied the rules, because they simply don’t apply to them. It would be a crime, if a few people ruined the great outdoors for the rest of us.

“I think all of us should be the social distance police. The cops can’t be here every minute. So it’s up to all of us to police everyone out here. Social pressure usually works, maybe it’s time for social shaming. I don’t want to. But i don’t want a few people to ruin it either,”  Yvonne Drexel, Point Loma resident, said.

On a brighter note, police along Sunset Cliffs say a vast majority of people are complying with the new rules.

“I’d says 95-percent are obeying,” one officer said.

So with 95-percent doing the right thing and 5-percent breaking the rules, let’s not allow the ignorant minority to destroy the progress being made by the vast majority.

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