Personal data from ‘Ashley Madison’ users leaked, 91K from San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s a bad day for cheaters across America.

The information of millions of accounts from the cheating website, "Ashley Madison" have been leaked and some of those accounts are those of high-ranking positions in San Diego.

They say cheaters never prosper and in this case, millions of cheaters are in a whole lot of trouble.

Hackers have released the personal information of millions of users from Ashley Madison.

The online dating site is for people interested in cheating on their significant others. 

91,000 of that list are from San Diego.

Of those names, there were nine city government addresses, including one from the San Diego Police Department and one from the State Senate.

There’s also one from county government and two addresses from the State Bar of California.

The website was hacked about a month ago by a group calling itself the "Impact Team."

They promised that they would release the information gained from the breach, including names of customers, customer’s credit card information and, "secret sexual fantasies" if the site was not shut down.

Several search engines have already been created for people who want to fact check with email addresses that were on file on the site.

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