Pet Health with Dr. Angela Gaeto: Common eye problems in dogs and cats

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – There are a variety of common issues that occur in the eyes of both dogs and cats.

Dr. Angela Gaeto from Helen Woodward Animal Center joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss how many pet owners will experience these over the course of their pets lifetime.

Common issues in Dogs
The most common issue seen in general practice for dog eyes are redness. This may be combined with a lot of other symptoms but redness of the eye itself and the tissue around the eye is very common. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Allergic irritation from pollen and dust is a common cause. Pets are lower to the ground so walking around outside and even inside can expose them to more irritants. These irritations many be combined with eye discharge which can often time be from infections. Dogs can also get growths around their eyes. Many come from aging changes and most are benign but there are a variety of other causes that should be explored by your veterinarian.

Common issues in Cats
Cats can also get irritation in their eyes and you may commonly see their third eyelid elevated. This irritation often comes from viral infections. Growths occur less commonly in cats but are more likely to be harmful and should be evaluated in the hospital.

Common issues in both
The most common problem that affects both dogs and cats are scratches on the cornea. The cornea is the outer most surface of the eye. Pets get scratches from playing with other animals, foreign material getting in the eye, and sometimes even rubbing their own eyes. These can range in severity but require very specific care to heal properly and should always be managed by your veterinarian.

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