Pet health with Helen Woodward Animal Center: Summer pet grooming

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Summer time is the most common time pets require grooming so Dr. Angela Gaeto with Helen Woodward Animal joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss pet grooming.

Dog grooming:
Every dog requires some form of regular grooming whether it is full cuts, trims, baths, or just nail trims. Most animals begin regular shedding cycles as the months warm up at the end of spring. This is a good time to start regularly brushing your dog if you do not already to keep those loose hairs from getting matted and keep the extra hair weight and heat off of them. As we creep into the even warmer months of summer, consider giving your pet a haircut to keep them cool. This is a good idea for pets who get overheated easily or engage in a lot of outdoor activities, especially if they have long hair. Trim cuts can keep them cleaner and cooler. It’s also important to clip your dogs nails so they do not become overgrown and cause health issues such as nail bed infections, or growth into the paw pads.

Cat grooming:
Many people don’t concern themselves with grooming their cat because cats clean themselves. However, it’s important to keep an eye on your cat and make sure they’re doing a good job. Sometimes cats will stop grooming themselves and become matted which may be a sign of an illness. Brushing cats is equally as important as brushing dogs to keep matting down and prevent overly large hair balls that may cause intestinal blockage. Matting can be a serious problem and extremely painful. The hair gets tangled all the way down to the skin level which causing nerve sensitization and irritation to the skin. If you find a mat on your cat or dog do not attempt to cut it out yourself as you can cut the skin and cause serious damage. Regular grooming can prevent matting by keeping hair detangled. Many cats also benefit from summer haircuts even if they’re inside to keep them cool and clean.


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