Pet Health with Helen Woodward Animal Center: Travel Safety

(KUSI) – The spring and summer season is a very common time of year for families to travel with their pets. Dr. Angela Gaeto with Helen Woodward Animal Center says it’s important to consider your pets safety during these times.

What to bring:
While your pet may seem like an easy travel companion, you need to make sure their basic needs are easily met along your travels. Any medications your pet requires should be brought in an adequate amount for the duration of your trip plus a few extra doses in case you get stranded. Your veterinarian may not always be able to get your medications refilled for you on the road so be sure to plan ahead! You also want to make sure you have enough food and water for your pet especially if you’re traveling to a more remote area where stores and safe drinking water may be limited or if your pet is on a specific diet.

Along the way:
It is always important to ensure your pet is safely accommodated in the car. Consider safety harnesses and proper restraint so your pet does not become injured in the event of an accident or get loose while the vehicle is stopped. Also make sure your pet has identification. Ideally both a collar and a microchip would be in place so your pet could be easily traced back to you.

At your destination:
Make sure your pet is welcome where you plan to travel. There are many restricted areas for pets such as hotels and other boarding accommodations that do not allow pets. Many national and state parks also do not allow pets inside the park or on hiking trials. Be sure to do your research and make sure your pet is allowed where you plan to go.
More great tips can be found at the AVMA website.

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